How God Works in My Life………

A few weeks ago it was my turn to set up the altar for communion. In case you can’t tell, I am a “get the job done” type of girl and like to get the job done as quickly as possible…and this is how I usually plan on attacking altar duty. However, God has a way of intervening….

As I start to dust, which is my first chore, I start to feel His presence and I start to slow down and enjoy the experience and peacefulness of my time with Him alone in His house. Also, I have trouble “shutting off” my brain, it’s always thinking, skipping from one thing to the next and in about 20 different directions, but as I become more involved with preparing for communion and handling the sacraments, my mind slows down and I am more focused on the task at hand and its importance and value. I know that I am now feeling His presence with me, urging me to slow down and enjoy this hour or so alone with Him. As I finish, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride of our little church and knowing that I played a part in keeping God’s house beautiful.

To sum up…I come in prepared to tackle a task that needs to be done, but I leave feeling at peace and closer to God, thankful that I was able to spend some quality time with Him and living my life a little slower….at least for the remainder of the day. To me, preparing the altar for Sunday service is not just a task that needs to get done, it is probably one of the most spiritually rewarding things that I do.

Stacy McKinney

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