Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church!

St. Francis Worship SpaceWelcome to St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church!  Within these pages you are offered a glimpse of the common life of our active, growing church.  You will see that our members are young and old, life-long Episcopalians and new Christians.  You will see why we call St. Francis “home” – the opportunities to reach out to one another and to our communities, the opportunities to learn and grow in our faith, and opportunities to explore and use the various gifts God has given us.

If you are in search of a new spiritual home, we invite you to inquire further by joining us for Sunday worship or by contacting the parish office with questions.

If you are planning to pass through Warren County and are looking for a place to worship God temporarily, we are happy to open our doors to you during your visit.

We’re glad you’ve taken the time to explore our community of faith.  May God bless you and keep you this day and always!

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Advent & Christmas Events

4th-adventEpiscopal Mission of Warren County will feature many events this Advent,  including:

  • Presentation on Standing Rock
  • Confirmations/Receptions
  • The Ordination of Timothy Dyer to the Priesthood

Click here for our Advent Flyer to learn more.



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How God Works in My Life………

A few weeks ago it was my turn to set up the altar for communion. In case you can’t tell, I am a “get the job done” type of girl and like to get the job done as quickly as possible…and this is how I usually plan on attacking altar duty. However, God has a way of intervening….

As I start to dust, which is my first chore, I start to feel His presence and I start to slow down and enjoy the experience and peacefulness of my time with Him alone in His house. Also, I have trouble “shutting off” my brain, it’s always thinking, skipping from one thing to the next and in about 20 different directions, but as I become more involved with preparing for communion and handling the sacraments, my mind slows down and I am more focused on the task at hand and its importance and value. I know that I am now feeling His presence with me, urging me to slow down and enjoy this hour or so alone with Him. As I finish, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride of our little church and knowing that I played a part in keeping God’s house beautiful.

To sum up…I come in prepared to tackle a task that needs to be done, but I leave feeling at peace and closer to God, thankful that I was able to spend some quality time with Him and living my life a little slower….at least for the remainder of the day. To me, preparing the altar for Sunday service is not just a task that needs to get done, it is probably one of the most spiritually rewarding things that I do.

Stacy McKinney

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Children of Abraham Project – 9/7/13

Children of Abraham Project – 9/7/13
On Saturday, September 7, an interfaith event is being hosted at St. Francis beginning at 6pm. This interfaith project, is the second in a series called The Children of Abraham Project and is the product of the lengthy prayer and discernment by one of our members, Tim Dyer – who is also a Postulant for Holy Orders. According to Tim,

The idea for The Children of Abraham Project was developed as I was examining our Baptismal Covenant. I felt that I was not fully living into the promises I made. The question from the Baptismal Covenant that really struck home was “Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?” I felt that I was not fulfilling this vow by not responding to injustices that I see in our society, but more importantly in our own communities. In offering this event to our community, our hope is to bring change and reconciliation to the world – one mind, one heart at a time. Racism, prejudice, and violence are all-to-common, even in America. Finding peace among and within our communities cannot be successful without each of us working together to defeat hatred, injustice, and the stereotypical images that permeate our communities.

Last October the first event held at St. Francis with over 45 people in attendance. The feedback that we obtained was very good, and we were encouraged to have another event. One of the topics that seemed to be of interest was the roles of the husband and wife in a marriage. Speaking on behalf of the Jewish prospective will be Mr. Harvey Stone. Mr. Stone is a practicing Jew from the Warren area who is well versed in his religion and traditions. Speaking from Muslim prospective will be Sam Qadri from the Jamestown Islamic Society. I will be speaking on behalf of the Christian prospective, and will be using Ephesians 5:21-33. Our goal is to inform, educate and combat prejudices.

Refreshments and finger foods such as cookies, cheese, crackers, vegetable and fruit trays will be provided.

**There is no cost to attend this event. However, due to limited seating, interested persons are asked to RSVP to St. Francis Church or tddnd@verizon.net or 814-779-0869 by Monday, September 2.**

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